The 2004 Mazda3

One weekend, an hour before lunch. Cruising past Northgate Cyberzone(The "Silicon Valley" of the South) in Ayala-Alabang via the Alabang-Zapote Road(Skipping Commerce Ave. then cutting behind Vivere Suites) on our way to SM Southmall to buy some decors for Christmas, while approaching ATC(Alabang Town Center), a venerable-looking icon gradually appeared in the right side of the horizon. The icon is a closed-legged "M" so definitely it's not a fastfood chain. Finally, a few seconds later we found out what's beneath the "M" icon. It's the new Mazda Alabang Showroom. My curiousity got the better of me so I ask my wife if we can stop by and "window shop" a little and she reluctantly agreed. So I negotiated a nice turn towards a nearly-finished parking lot and parked just beside a Tribute. The showroom has only Mazda6, Mazda3 and 2 Tributes displayed. My feet dragged me straight to the Mazda3 and lo and behold it IS immaculate.

Sorry I am not going to talk about the specs, just google it. Going on with the story, a salesman approached me and of course talked me out about the car, the price, the financing terms etc. etc. until he handed me a credit (auto loan) application form which I reluctantly filled up because I know I am going to be rejected and I am just in the showroom to see what's Mazda's arsenal got to show. So there it is, honestly I am impressed with the gate-type shifting a la Benz, the interior got a touch of a European car. What I can only really say is after stepping out of the car and out of the showroom. All cars including what I am driving suddenly became "out-of-time", as if they are all five years behind. The salesman make his final pitch by promising to get my application approved by ANY bank but I just really had a lot of doubt about it. And off to Congo Grill at WestGate we spent our lunch.

And then Monday early morning, my first phone call was that from the salesman and told me a half-good, half-bad news; my application was approved. Geez, I am not ready to break a bottle of champagne. Now, I guess the Java Juice is starting to squirt and PGSuite will going to make our day.


Anonymous said…
Nice Car dude. - Mazda Lover

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