The Business Value of PGSuite

"Why bother?" as some might ask. Yes, why bother writing another tool for Postgresql database when there's already Quantum, JFaceDBC, pgAdmin and a lot more? A shallow mind couldn't agree more. Here's some reason why we bother. PGSuite will be for Postgresql only just like SQL Enterprise Manager is for SQL Server only and so is the Oracle Client or the Oracle Enterprise Manager and pgAdmin can't be and won't be a good match for these commercial tools. Quantum is a nice plugin, but hey it's just a plugin and so is JFaceDBC that can't query more than a 100o rows of data. These kind of plugins can't deliver on a production level even in development.

PGSuite is intended to be the "Enterprise Manager" for Postgresql-powered database servers. As an open-source "Enterprise Manager", PGSuite matches if not exceeds the capabilities of its commercial counterparts. As a teaser, PGSuite will have an SQL Editor which I am currently working on, a Visual Database Modeler both for design-time and deployed, Resource Manager for monitoring I/O, memory, connections etc., SQL Debugger, DB object navigation and administration, "On-table" editing and so forth.

So again, why bother? At the moment, there are several hundreds or thousands of applications running with Postgresql as a backend database including the one I am working for. Of course, bigger companies does not run applications on Postgresql alone, they have Oracle, SAP, Sybase etc. chugging along with Postgresql. Chances are their DBAs are only skilled in using those commercial ones and as a result software projects running Postgresql tend to support their own database administrative activities instead. These problem has created an opportunity for PGSuite in terms of support and enhances DBA's competency in handling several databases. Postgresql support is virtually an unexplored market. With tools like PGSuite independent vendor support may become a tight competition in the future. In the long run, this is beneficial for the end-user and developer because of wider choices and without vendor lock-in.

Currently, PGSuite is being developed using Eclipse RCP and of course that means using SWT. After all, Postgresql will be our weapon choice against big boys, who knows. :)


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