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Thanks to Richard Base's blog on the Hugh McLeod's gaping void. Simple idea sparked in my head on the "French apartment code". :))

Imagine asking spammers to key in my email code first so that their crap can get through. That's less secure than public/private key encryption. But what the hell, there's nothing to protect! No data will be stolen, only garbage data to be dumped in!

The solution is doable with the following scenario. Since email message is free.

SPAMMER: Sends mail.
PROSPECT's MAIL SERVER: Recieve's mail and send back a reply to key in a mailbox "doorbell" code.

-If "doorbell code" is correct then the message within the PROSPECT's MAIL SERVER will deliver the message to the recipient. Else let the spammer think about it.

This stuff are all doable using JavaMail API so no big deal really. It's just a matter of implementation.

Now you got one helluva counter spammer. Isn't that cute?


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