Serial Comm API Test Completed

Alright! I have now completed my Java Serial Comm API tests on Linux. Here are my initial do's and don'ts:

  • Don't use the RXTX libraries, for some reasons the Sun's version of the Solaris Java Comm API is now "hardwired" for Solaris. So no matter how you tweak your configurations it will still look for Solaris-based native libraries (libSolarisSerialParallel*.so), tough luck.
  • Do use the IBM's Java Communications API for Linux, it is more reliable (hyperlink ommitted to avoid suspicion of bias)...and faster too.
  • I encourage using Doug Lea's Concurrent API if you haven't moved to Java 1.5 yet. Let LinkedQueue handle the modem polling for you.
My next test will involve reading the entire content of a SIM card with one command or something to that effect.


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