Fleury's Monster called JBoss

Not again!!! There are two kinds of JBoss fanatics exists in the Java development community. Those who develop mainly in EJBs for about 3-5 users with no Machine-to-Machine, Application-to-Application interface just a damn glorified non-critical client/server application pretending to be an MVC-ish, GoF-compliant. Another one is a newbie who was lured that the way to J2EE bliss is thru JBoss.

How did I say that? Our own JBoss deployment whose primary purpose is to be a JMS Provider but can't deliver its promises. It has been struck by many illnesses, some are common and some are suprisingly strange. It's understandable that this is some sort of a highway robbery so we have to sign up for the premium level tech support, but guess what? We have it! Not that I recommended it, in fact that monster has been chosen before I got on board. Personally, I should have taken SonicMQ or FioranoMQ.

Speaking of the J2EE bliss, ironically, can be found in the tools and technologies that are not even part of J2EE! Some cool examples are Jini and JavaSpaces. These tools should be pushed more to the limelight because of its practicality and I believe their time has come. I'll be posting some examples here soon.


ffssaa said…
Watch out! JBoss employees strut around (on the web mostly - either that or in costumes) telling people how great they are and that no one can do Java like them. If someone disagrees, then the person is a flamer. If someone disagrees enough, then it's "poor poor me" time and people are just taking potshots at JBoss. Poor poor JBoss. They piss off potiential/current clients and tell you that they really don't care because they ARE OPEN SOURCE.

We found that their paid support really didn't help either so now we're making our apps work on another vendor's product - taking out the JBoss specific stuff. Great fun.
Anonymous said…
You're better off with Sonic -- Fiorano is not much better than JBoss, except that you don't get to look at the source code.
Warren said…
it should be very easy to switch to a different JMS implementation (i suppose the team within your office are "SMART" enough (no pun intended)). Try various JMS implementation (e.g. iBus..etc) and see if it can perform well and handle the load requirement for your app.Save yourself some headache's tell them to do the "SMART" thing and get a commercial implementation. If not tell them to shovel jbossMQ up their arses.
Anonymous said…
We were in the same boat. We are evaluating ActiveMQ. It seems to provide better performance and lot more features.

Dinesh Bhat

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