I knew it!!!

Right before the admittance of this hoax. I argued that this story is too sad too be true sometime in pinoyjug-chat I hope nobody deletes that message. And I knew this was coming. It's not that I have talent for clairvoyance, it just a matter of common sense. I guess this is exactly my reaction when I read that mail:

"Dang, how many more emails of this kind are we going to exchange over
the net so that we can stand up and deliver? The whole story is too
sad to be true that the media of all entities failed to notice..."

I will not blame Faye's mom for this. I would like to blame the very "technical people" (I think that includes my wife) for dessiminating that "sad story". I blame them because I don't know how they read and tried to understand between the lines of those lies before they spread it out in every email addresses they could! Now if some coders read this way I don't know what kind of programs they can come up with.

Let's take it point by point as far I can analyze the story:

"They saw this challenge as a rare opportunity offered to Faye and her country, considering that only two Asian countries qualified - Japanand the Philippines. Unfortunately, our government had other priorities."

What other priorities our government has? Many yes, but I doubt this will fail to get any of their attention.

"...All turned them down except for one who was willing to help, on condition that Faye should give public credit to the senator for supporting her even int the earlier competitions she joined. Out of integrity, the mother could not accede to this arrangement. Thus no outside
help was found..."

For what will the senator gain out of this? Puyat brothers will still gain from Bata's achievements without sidelining the country.

"No kababayan welcomed them in Australiaexcept for a kind Filipina they met
in the plane who assisted them. As they were checking in at a hotel, the
"kind" Filipina who volunteered to help them disappeared taking with her
Faye's and her mother's bags, passports, and plane tickets. At that point,
they literally had nothing left except for the few pieces of clothes and
their faith in God. They had to sell the extra clothes left to be able to
buy food."

A kind Filipina on the way to Australia to rob? What's this? A planned heist? they must be filthy
rich. It can be done yes, but it's preposterous.

"In need once again, they sought help from some of the Filipino officials in
Australiabut to no avail. Oddly, the Filipino officials there were too busy
with other priorities, not minding to help a young girl and a mother who
had no other desire but to bring honor to our country."

I knew it! They were filthy rich and they have very expensive clothes to wear. In need once again, when was the last time they were not?

"Given a budget for only a one night stay at the hotel, mother and daughter
had to check out the following day. Leaving their luggage on deposit and
without money for transportation fare, they decided to walk two kilometers
to the competition venue on their native Filipino costumes.

If walking a two kilometer distance was bad enough, how much more would be
walking the distance on their native costume along the highways of

Aren't you aware of this joke? 2kms is a long walk believe or not the RP Embassy has two or more cars out there good enough for 2 kms and I don't think it's a misplaced priority. Highways of Australia, I am not sure if this is an allegory or literal hehehe.

"With only the three-piece costume they had on, Faye and her mom were even
more surprised when the organizing committee awarded their booth as "The
Most Creative" booth"

I don't want to imagine what Faye's mom did, but if there's an award for "Most Exotic" they might have that too. You reader, what else can you do with at 3-piece costume?

"In the early part of the competition, Japan, Braziland Spainwere
eliminated. As the only Asian country left to compete against six Western
nations, the Philippineswas cheered on by Japan. Faye was encouraged by her
Japanese cheering squad, but in her heart, how she wished that she had her
own countrymen to cheer her on.

Her mom was also a heart reader mind you.

"When Faye finally won first place and Philippinesnational anthem was being
played, she prayed silently thanking God for making her a Filipina. Despite
all the painful experiences she had with her country, her priorities did
not waver. A Japanes diplomat was the one who helped Faye and her mom to
secure temporary pass so they could return to the Philippines. The money
they won was just enough for their fare back home and their temporary
passport. When Faye was relating this story before a crowd, she said, " Let
us love our nation, for nobody else will."

Wait a second, a temporary pass to where? To the Philippines? By a Japanese Diplomat? By whose authority? Kofi Anan? In other country, this kind of statement is seditious and treacherous and is punishable by death(definitely not the humane way). I am still lucky I live in the Philippines.

"Faye's story reminds us all to look within ourselves. This eleven year old
girl could have complained to the media, but she did not. She went out of
her own small way to bring greatness to this land.

Hell sure is, because there is really nothing to complain.

I still want to tell my fellow countrymen that I am proud to be here in the Philippines even if most jobs here are a joke, we're not broke. :))


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