Java Serial Comm API for GSM

Actually, I don't know what title I am going to use for this entry. Generally, it pertains to Java-based Serial Communications API on a GSM modem. The GSM 7.07 specifications supports the use of AT commands for controlling Mobile Equipment's(ME) or in other words your cellular phone's keypads with "AT+CKPD" command. Of course, this command will not work on a GSM Modem like Nokia 30 or 32. Why? because it doesn't have any keypads! It's just a plain GSM Modem. Why would I need to control a keypad? First, I need to navigate a Smart SIM wallet and send credits (E-Load, not PasaLoad) using my PC to another ME and save its number to file or database for end-of-day sales reporting. Now, I may not need a GSM Modem at all to launch this application! The caveat is, each model has different key mappings so get ready for some OOP patterns to be used that supports each phone model.

Simple replicable idea, but don't even think about it. It's already BSD'd, I will only make money suing you while copying and redistributing this in your own name.


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