18 November 2004


Also known as the Java Game Profile. The last time I looked at this spec was sometime in May or June 2003 and I thought this is killer spec! But when I revisited it this morning, this is what I've seen:


What?!? WTF?!?

Fortunately, there is valid reason for its withdrawal and I quote here:

"Withdrawn 2003.07.09. The Spec Lead has chosen to withdraw this JSR. It was determined that the needs of games developers were best served by moving to a pure open source model for game client technologies. This changes in strategy will allow the broadest participation by the game development community, and will focus the energies of the community on timely solutions that address a rapidly changing technology landscape. The Spec Lead wishes to thank the Java Community and the Game Developers who supported and showed interest in this effort."

That's it! Open Source Rules! With hardware capabilities keeps on getting better every year and the JVM is compiling at par or better against C++ as of J2SDK 1.4.2, why suffer the dev stress of C++? Isn't time to implement Carmack's Reverse in Java?

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