Make more money, Stop using pirated software!!

I think the battle cry of commercial software companies or Independent Software Vendors(ISVs) should be "Make More Money, Stop Software Piracy!". It's really about time to reshape the battlefield on how software piracy will be fought. Software companies should provide more ways in doling out incentives to those who legally use their products instead of funding the rewards pool of the BSA Gestapo for the whistle-blowers who has done nothing innovative in the advancement of our local software development industry. Most of the piracy happens within a software development outfit, developers that uses cracked tools to get things done or they thought is cool to use. This hurts the commercial software vendors big time because cracked tools can spread rapidly. And because of small budgets, some are forced to used the cracked ones so before unleashing the BSA Storm Troopers to their doors. Think some cost saving strategies that will benefit the vendor and developer. And here, nothing beats CASH.

Case in point, Joe Developer. Joe will be making an inventory application for Acme Rocket Boots company. Joe, prefers writing the application in Java and his client prefers Oracle as database. So Joe prepared a budget proposal for Acme Rocket Boots that includes cost of licenses for Oracle X(enter your version here) Enterprise Edition. In short, Acme Rocket Boots accepted the proposal and made an initial payment to Joe. Since the development will not be performed in-house, Joe is aware of the risks involved in a software project and the payment for Oracle licenses are not covered from the initial payment made to him. Joe started the project using Oracle X Personal Edition because it is free for development purposes only, therefore it is perfectly legal to use it at this stage. Upon completion of the application, Acme Rocket Boots tested and confirms that it works according to the specification so they are ready to pay the balance and deploy the application. At this point, Joe can make extra money from the Oracle X Enterprise Edition License by negotiating a deal with an authorized Oracle account executive to get commission(c'mon shitheads developers are your most effective middlemen). This is not corruption, every developer that endorses an ISV product should get incentive from doing so or else most of them can crack the app and ISV loses money, do the math.

Big software companies must give incentive to developers who uses their products and endorses it to their project managers, IT Heads, CIOs and other decision makers, forget about the discounts, freebies and all sorts of non-cash compromise, in this part of the globe showing the money is unbeatable. ISV's marketing people can't just influence the top once the developers evaluate their apps and says its full of crap. This is a win-win proposition.


Anonymous said…
I just read your comment about the Annon and the UN scandle over at 2Slick's site and wondered when you finally crawled from under your rock. Have you been asleep at the wheel all this time concerning the UN? How come no way to contact you on your blog? I also see you have quite a following(lots of comments), maybe it's because of your insightfull musings. Do you even have a clue of what's going on in the world around you or do you sit in the dark and stare at your computer screen. Step outside, get your eyes adjusted to the light and take a look around you..............
Jared said…
First, be thankful that I allow anonymous postings here. Second, Is that the bravest thing you can do? HELLO! Who's in the dark in here? You can't seem to find the logic on my comments I guess that's how nitwit you are. So stay anonymous and stay stupid.

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