Of MiliBlogs and lopsidedness.

Forgive me for this is a bit off-topic.

If people whose heads stucked down in their asses get together to discuss something, what do you get? Of course loads of crap.

Miliblogs, short for military blogs. Written by soldiers mostly from the frontlines, with few pretending to be one. Some of these guys as of this writing are being shot at with 7.62s, RPGs, mortars, rocks, tin cans, shoes, slippers, shrapnels from IEDs and roadside bombs but they'll just going to shrug it off, it's a cakewalk. The worst way to be shot at with is with Kevin Sites' camera with one of them shooting an unarmed, wounded, non-hostile combatant inside a mosque. One helluva of Hollywood material. Right or wrong, not a good frame to stand in. Anyway, I found some of these milibloggers' commenters really stupid and funny. Because of their lopsided and close-minded comments discussions becomes scary and discrimanatory. These milibloggers got some good reasons to be writing their experiences even probably with their commanders' disapproval. There's even a blog whose been trying hard to put more fuel to heat up an issue in which the whole world doesn't really care about. The fun part is the basis of his issues came from the entities whose heads are also stucked in their behinds. So guess what we got? CRAP! It's amazing that these milibloggers get thousands of readers everyday compared to other topics such as science and technology, business practices, and other insightful blogs where one can really learn a lot. Scary sometimes, that these people thinks that the only world that exists is the world around them.

Imagine what these bigots think about the rest of the world? About us.

Anyway, just ranting. Comment as you wish.


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