Portals, Portlet and Manageability

I can't believe I am discussing this over blog. First, I despise the title "Web Developer" because I am not. Ironically, I am working on one and it is of a robust kind. I guess local corporations are beginning to look at portals quite seriously this recent days. Unexplained I.T. spending for new hardware has driven management for a more detailed and drilled-down business intelligence when it comes to I.T. operational investments. CPU utilizations, memory usage and disk capacities and number of processes running in some servers has been formally reported in order to justify another major I.T. spending.

So now, portals and manageability becomes an unlikely combination. I am only interested in portals and portlets because this is an inevitable roadmap for unified monitoring and control within a corporate I.T. setup. Specifically, It's about JSR-168 and the JMX API. Portal is basically an aggregator for several portlets. Portlets may consist of several business units within an enterprise, it can be an accounting portlet, human resource portlet, distribution portlet, shop-floor-control portlet and so forth. These portlets are aggregated to a portal in order to have unified look-and-feel and a single-sign on security as well.

Manageability, is one aspect of a portlet that provides command and control over a particular business process, say, start/stop an operation. JMX may be too complicated for this and too "J2EE-ish" but it addresses the management aspect of every distributed business process and the question still remain on how JMX will be used if a system to be monitored is outside of a J2EE container? For example a process that is written in C or C++?


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