Precision Oil Boycott

After finishing my SMS application with RS232 Java Comm API, I am wondering where to put it into some extraordinary use. This morning while watching TV and monitoring the transportation strike calling for the deregulation of oil prices, it struck me once again that last year or couple of years back there's a suggestion from a certain mailing list on how to bring the big 3(Shell, Petron, Caltex) players here to its knees, I will not consider new players because only these 3 has an effective market influence and huge refineries and depots in Pandacan :).

Here's how the suggestion said as far as I can remember, I want to dub it "Precision Oil Boycott". This kind of boycott is different and later on I will translate it in Filipino once I find the accurate Filipino word for "precision" hehehe.

It's undeniable that we need fuel everyday and those big 3 knows it so they can always capitalize on this need to dictate the shape of the local market. Although they show the public that they are competing but behind the curtains is obvious monopoly. So boycotting them altogether won't work because we need fuel to cook our food and drive our cars. So how are going to bring this three-headed dragon to its knees? First we choose which one of the big 3 are we going to boycott for 3 months and get our supply of fuel from other two. Let's take for example Shell, If Shell got no nationwide sale for 3 months they're stock will plummet! Caltex will grow and so is Petron but their revenues can't withstand the wrath of the next boycott because these growth are not sustainable. So once Shell is down it will negotiate according to the dictates of the consumer, then we'll take on Caltex then Petron. Believe me, in one year time we will have a better priced oil in the local market.

Now, I have to expound this in Filipino so that local transport organizations will know how to fight the smart way without getting their families hungry. Since the Philippines is the SMS capital in the world, this is the best channel to spread the message and vote whose head will roll first.


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