Problem with Local Tech Recruiters

Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's irritating when a tech recruiter rang you up without fully reading your profile. Here's my own few tips to avoid time-wasters:

  • Send your CV in pdf format, if they replied that they can't read it and ask you to have it it resend in Word Doc, forget it. Chances are , even if you get the job you're not going to be happy with it anyway(In the loooong run...). First why is it important that you should send your CV in pdf instead of Word Doc? Because only the original creator can edit the original file, you don't want your Word Doc CV dangling around the Net to be used by undesirables didn't you?
  • Just like the above, if the recruiter says they are an open source company but can't read your CV using an OpenOffice Writer *.sxw format. FORGET IT! A company will scrutinize you, so you must insidiously scrutinize them first by putting some baits.
  • If you're asking salary is above they're expecting and you honestly feel you deserve it, the negotiation should be short if they can afford it. But if they negotiate lower and promise to you that what you're asking will be given in a matter of time or in exchange of a "rewarding career" is offered or be in the forefront of "promotion" in case of expansion. Nicely, conclude the interview and walk away.
  • Your recruiter will reaffirm your date of availability if you indicated it and those who understands their business will respect it and will not negotiate against it.
  • Written exams are ok, but it barely proves anything of worth.

These tips will only payoff to candidates that are not desperate no matter what his/her current situation is in getting a job. If they are, they can take any shit because of shallow principles and narrow integrity. I believe Tech workers especially developers deserves better.


Warren said…
no not better, they (we!) deserve the best!. (ok i'm dreaming).
Sapphire said…
Hello Jared, Interesting blog you've got here. I came across it when I was searching for stuff on cv tips. although it's not actually all that relevant toCVs I was interested to find the link to Chinese names. I studied Chinese years ago and my Chinese name was just a transliteration. So it's fun to come up with alternatives. Thanks!

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