SMS Message Monitor

Ha! While I still don't have that data cable for Nokia 6610 or the Sony Ericsson DSR-11. I will have to build the basic SMS Message Monitor with Sender in SWT to properly bolt together all the core modules that is necessary to initialize the Java Serial Comm API helper classes that will work in the real world and just be happy with the Nokia 32 GSM modem that I am testing on for now so that I won't be punching arguments in the command line everytime I start the thingy.

Now the core class that handles the serial communication must have an exposed (public) method that can handle callbacks from any business modules that implements the respective callback interface. Callback implementations can have suitable operations such as querying a database, writing or reading to a file and sending back the response to the requesting Mobile Equipment. In fact the possibilities are almost endless, only your imagination can stop you. Like for example, pizza deliveries. Some pizza deliveries cannot afford to register a shortcode in a telco if it the telco deemed it can't generate a good amount of traffic. The SMS Message Monitor can help boost their sales by handling SMS requests on their own.


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