To GUI or not to GUI

To GUI! I mean the native GUI. Admit it, without GUI only "you" will use your product. Aside from being an eye candy and providing relative ease-of-use, GUI is important. Designed properly, it reduces "normal users" stress, it abstracts complexity of a commandline operation. For the frontend developer, it's an extraordinary skill to build and to have an "eye" for a truly usable GUI.

SWT or Swing?

SWT, why? SWT adapts naturally to the host UI in whatever OS it is being run although there are some exceptions as of now. Since it's native, it's faster than Swing by any means. Easy to code? No, SWT is nowhere near easy and SWT article writers should not deceive readers into thinking it's easy because they may end up frustrated and might switch to the other side.

UI Design Guidelines

Different vendors has different UI design guidelines, I would suggest to adapt what you might fit to your application needs. As of this writing, I feel that IBM's Ease of Use - Design would fit to my need so that's what I am trying to learn right now.


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