Well Rested

Ok, Java Rocks! for the nth time hehehehe. Thanks for the automated memory management. After doing C programming at an enterprise level it's like fighting without body armor and kevlar helmet in the middle of some Iraqi Badlands.

I feel well rested after rolling out our C application overnight and so far everything is stable. And I have been walking around malls looking for a data cable that will fit on a Nokia 6610 because that's what I need to complete my test on my SIM Navigator using Java Serial Comm API and can't find any!

Then a Singaporean recruiter rang me up while I am in the middle of the road, I can't say anything so I have to cut the conversation and have a talk at a later time. There's a lot of business whizzing around here, I am wondering how these guys got to cut some deals. Maybe we can do that too. But I really have my eye on finishing the SIM navigator for now. And of course the PGSuite's release.

Lastly, some people wants observer status on my open source SS7 for Java implementation. So, I guess this will going to breakthrough.


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