Move away "flat" Windows, Looking Glass is here...

I know there are people who would still prefer command line over GUIs for whatever lame excuse they have. But for now may I ask you to bury your head inside your asses for a while because definitely this stuff will blow away what's left between your ears.

After several days for ignoring the hype that is the Project Looking Glass, I gave myself a favor to start reading an article about it. Although my GUI skills, I might say not yet in the "advanced" level, I found the LG3D to be a "breakthrough" open source GUI project and will be the preferred environment for user interaction in the years to come.

LG3D from how I see it is not intended to be simple therefore it's not for the developers who do not have the patience of Job. But what are the applications that will benefit from this new level of visual interaction? Primarily, it can be used to enhance customer experience when browsing a mall navigation system thru its SceneManager API, Access control systems that uses contactless cards or biometric scans, wearables and many more.

Fortunately, the project is open source so I really don't know how MS will going to keep the pace with it.


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