Digital Pinay ka ba?

What the FUCK is going on? No, I am not going to link it. What happen to Philippine Computer Society? Are they caught with this "search quest" fever? By simply looking at the criterias for candidates, this whole crap is nothing but another beauty pageant in the guise of representing the industry of the Philippine I.T., what a pathetic scam. To tell it frankly, 5 years in any engineering or CS related course barely manifests any "Digital Pinayable" beauties(maybe digitally enhanced, hehehe). Chances are, there is 1 to 100(or more) ratio and those 1's usually drops out at the second year or shift to an easier course. So who will be this mysterious Digital Pinay? Even the deserving ones I bet my ass will not join this contest.

And the prize as far as I can remember is PHP25,000(!). Hey! That's the minimum starting pay of the true Digital Pinay if she decides to cut it out in the corporate world hehehehe. "...translates to high visibility in the job market". I think the people who thought this down were on drugs, or whatever sleazy substance they got their hands on. Job market of what? I am sure it's not I.T. related, but my uncle DOM will sure be interested.


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