1+ Years of EJB-free development

Believe me it feels great. No more midnight calls, all systems are humming like well-oiled machines. Now there are two forums that are trying to wake up that demon again and I haven't blogging about EJB for so long.

Only a moron right now can still find some value to use EJB as part of a system architecture. Why would you need EJB? GIVE ME ONE DAMN GOOD REASON TO USE IT! In fact, there is a good enterprise framework out there that is outside of J2EE domain that could really make a lot of J2EE stuff redundant. The Jini technology for example.

And then here comes EJB 3.0 with Gavin King dangling his unmentionable. Both EJB and Hibernate should really go away. Abe White of Solarmetric has done a good job of slapping that Fucktard down.

Well, I guess this is happy anniversary for EJB-free programming in the enterprise.


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