A demolition job for Sun Cellular

Desperate times calls for desperate moves. Is this what the two telco giants are showing? While reading a broadsheet ad from Sun Cellular this morning, it's about three text messages circulating to confuse Sun Cellular subscribers. One is a PHP200 free load due to system upgrade, another one is the ending of 24/7 Unlimited Call and Text, and the last one is a "pass-on" promotional campaign intended to congest Sun Cellular's network.

All in all, this is obviously a sabotage. And Sun Cellular will only be strengthened by the sympathy of their subscribers. Smart the biggest of them all, should have no hard time matching or overdoing what Sun Cellular is offering. But why can't they? As a Smart subscriber, one probable reason is, if they launch a similar stint, subscribers will be more outraged than happy. Why? Because they felt betrayed for a long period of time and will ask for compensation or rebates of the past charges. No "big guy" is willing to let go of the large chunk of his wallet, he will prefer to do the immoral or unrighteous thing than succumb to humiliation.

Globe at least, has a counter-offer. The TM's Piso power. :) Though it doesn't really pack a powerful punch. The Smart Padala is in the tightrope too, I am not sure if that is a BSP-mandated remittance service, if it isn't, the AMLA(anti-money-laundering storm troopers) will going to weild its claw on that too. And BSP is publicly and vigorously encouraging Bank-to-Bank remittances to help us not to be put back on FATF's blacklist, so what makes that of Smart Padala?

Geez, so much for the 'Anti-Filipino' way of doing business. I hope a 4th and a 5th player will come in order to make this wireless competition a very healthy one.


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