Digital Pinay goes Analog

Ok, now they're trashing for good. The Philippine Computer Society will be launching national programming contests instead, DAPAT LANG!!! This is the kind of project they should be focusing on, focus on the local talents' pot of gold. This is where their media guns should be trained. More and more of these local contests and the Philippines will be recognized as the programming battlefield of Asia where millions will flock from different parts of the world just to get a piece of the action.

I remember attending one of the early morning meetings of PhilVenCap(Philippine Venture Capitalists) and a representative from PCS introduced himself, as PhilVenCap's tradition, everyone should express what they want from the group. This PCS guy is asking for sponsors to finance a delegation to an international IT conference, some sort of a fishing expedition. There are a lot of things to be done here, why look somewhere else with somebody else's money?

The intended national programming contests, hopefully will materialize, is the best ass-covering move these guys came up with if they are really sincere of doing it. Programming background is the most critical skill in any IT-related business whether you are a developer or a manager, understanding programming paradigms separates success and failure of a software project. National programming contests will really determine who will be the real Digital Pinay, Digital Pinoy, Digital Bading, Digital Bungal, Digital Kalbo, Digital Aso, Digital Epal etc., etc. See how many can be gloriously entitled with just one contest? :)


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