Filipino Computer Terminologies

This is so FUCKING preposterous. Ok, let's not limit our computer terminologies with that of Microsoft's. Let's include The Others, more technical.

Linux - Linuks
Unix - Yuniks
Open Source - Bukas ang pinanggalingan
Window Manager - Tagapamahala ng bintana
Shell - Kabibi?
Bourne-Shell - Kabibi ni Bourne
Bourne-Again Shell - Kabibi ulit ni Bourne
Korn Shell - Kabibi ng Mais
FTP - Protokol sa Paglipat ng Talaksan(PPT)
SSH - Matatag na kabibi (MNK)
scp - Matatag na kopya (mkp)
FileSystem - sistema ng talaksan
ReiserFS - Sistem ng talaksan ni Reiser(ReiserST)
Instant Messenger - Madaliang Tagapagbalita(MT)
Server - Maninilbi
Web Server - Maninilbi ng Sapot
Website - Kinalalagyan ng Sapot
Blade Server - Maninilbing Labaha(Aray ko!)
Ant - Langgam
PIM - Pangangasiwa ng Kaalamang Personal(PKP)
router - taga-ruta

Haaayy! There's more but I am beginning to feel so ridiculous. Actually, the Filipino language didn't change much for the past hundred years. How many new words have been included in our dictionary? The Japanese Language took about 60 years in order to achieve the level of sophistication it has today, they don't have "baseball" in their original vocabulary but now it means "besiboru". That's 60 years of discipline in preserving culture. :)

Again, this MS translation project is BS.


clair said…
I haven't been able to read the article until I clicked the link on your blog. *sigh*

Translating is tough but the way that they translated it makes things tougher. That is in my humble opinion.

Could I link up to your posts from my blog? Thanks!
Jared said…
You can always link up. :)

They are not really helping preserve our culture, they are insulting it.

To me, our culture is the most dynamic culture in the world, our language can "plug-in" to the English word and not vice versa. Our culture can easily influence and adapt another culture.
clair said…

Yes, culture is a very dynamic thing. It adapts to the times. English words could be assimilated and I think that the issue would be more on the teaching on understanding the technical terms and their uses. I think that localization does not end with endeavors to translate but to actually adapt the technology to us Filipinos :)

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