How can you create 1 million ICT jobs?

Simple logic, you can't create 1 million ICT jobs if there are no companies that will accommodate them. Yes, anyone can twist the logic by saying 999,990 call center jobs has been filled before 2010 and 10 for software engineers so mission accomplished right? Yeah right, but will that sustain the overall agenda which is economic recovery? No, because some call centers and other cyberservice businesses are gypsy industries passed on to third-world countries with lousy labor laws, where better-have-something-than-nothing and take-it-or-leave-it culture abounds. Some of these gypsy companies has the fastest revolving-door policies around, they have the most unfair labor practices imposed in the name of keeping the quality of customer service. And some of our talented ICT workers got no choice but to stick on. That's really "mission accomplished".

But if we're all aware how much is the value of the global software development industry is(I think it's more than $10 Billion). We can have a good picture of how to set our priorities in attaining 1 million high-caliber ICT workforce mission. We should not only promote SMEs competitiveness in the use of ICT(that's money out) but we should promote SMEs to be ICT companies themselves(this is money in).

There might be a grand strategic plan, but how will the mission be accomplished in a tactical level? My suggestion, promote more SMEs in the ICT. These SMEs are the force multipliers. The more SMEs, the more jobs will be generated. How to get started? Bang the heads of those ICT school administrators that are promoting bright future with posters of their graduates working in a faraway land. I know it's bad, but it's like drugs, you get the drift. Time to change all that. In all ICT-related courses, high-tech entrepreneurship should be part of the curriculum. Education should gear towards more on being a master than being a slave. Guide students on getting the chunk of the billion-dollar software development industry is better than working for an undergraduate abroad. More of this propaganda until our cyberzones gets crammed up with software campuses of different varieties that build things like games, databases, ERPs, security, compression algos etc. etc. it might be impossible in five years but not in ten years. If the people responsible for this didn't achieve it in 10 years, I'll reach for the sky and say "What have we done wrong to deserve them?!?" :))

Our current pool of talents should not only keep their saws sharp, but should keep their eyes and ears on what's going on around in their chosen profession. I bet right now, that if I ask a co-worker next right to my cubicle about why some Europeans are fighting against the software e-Patents law and what will be its effect to the health of the software development industry. Chances are, I'll be rewarded with a dead stare. Now we can drag some lawyers to be part of the 1 million ICT workforce, their part would be more socially advanced and would come in a later-but-sooner part, they should have heard or read the name Lawrence Lessig before standing in court and battle for software patent disputes of their clients. Their roles will include M&As(Merger & Acquisitions) which is unique from any other industry, they should be ready to hear terms like "integration of APIs" of surviving entity and the prey.

Lastly, since our software developers and engineers has contributed much in building world-class products. The grunts will come in to train, support the users of these products. This is the role of the gypsy cyberservice industries. But are they really needed once there is a strong software industry? They could be revenue generator too but no, outsource them some place else!

Venture Capitalists can easily sense the buzz. So there's really no need to play around with them if there's a serious industry churning out serious business. VCs will come and pitch in.

With proper machinery to put these things in place. The 1 million high-quality and well-paid(PHP50,000-PHP###,000++/mo) ICT jobs sounds like chicken.


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