I am Jared Odulio, @$$hole!

My wife invited me to watch Constantine last night, I am reluctant to go, it's just another comic-turned-movie flick. As expected some, are laughable and some does actually happened in real life, I will not tell which one is real :)

But the interesting part is the "Desperate Call", the scene where a teenage girl has been possessed by a soldier demon. My wife was arguing that the people around the hallway are Mexicans, I told her no they're Filipinos. After John Constantine uttered his opening line, the demon replied "Papatayin natin sila". See. Soon those demons will be in some of our desktops too, in the form of Microsoft "tagalized" Windows. I just hoped some of us will be pulled to up to "heaven" and can still flash a dirty finger down. Actually the dirty finger thing is the coolest part in the movie.


jgotangco said…
I haven't watched Constantine (I've read the comic books though during the 90's), but I've read somewhere that the taglog lines were not part of the original script - hence the actress stole the limelight hehehehe...

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