03 February 2005

JabberStudio.org hacked for a year

One of the best IM implementation, Jabber. It's site was hacked for a year, rootkit'd to be exact. I am just about to revive one of my key projects, the SS74j reference implementation, when I got the news. And I am planning to use the jabber protocol as a primary transport to enable service operators to inter-operate seamlessly by just using the principles of instant messaging. SS7 is a specification used for international roaming.

Isn't it ironic to know one of the most stable and 'most' secure open source projects got hacked for a year without being noticed? Fortunately, it's not Jabber itself that was altered, it's the site that hosted it.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps more to the point, it isn't the Jabber server that was broken into in the first place. :-)