More on Politics-Oriented Software Development(POSD)

After reading this article. The first thing that came to my mind is why not build a special interest group on POSD? This is the subject that is less tackled on every programming forums that I am lurking on. The POSD is the real gauntlet for every corporate developer to run in to.

This undocumented methodology, ironically, is what actually takes place in most workplaces. Since POSD is a real deal, I think every aspiring corporate developer should seriously look into it and let it play in their favor most of the time. Every self-styled "software engineering" outfit should fervently look into it too.

In the Philippines, POSD is very visible. Especially in the IT departments of every service industries such as telecommunications, insurance, banking, etc. In addition to the article's advises, I'll say be straightforward and the 'saboteurs' will respect and fear you. If questions raised are answerable with yes or no, answer it appropriately and explain later. Get the real information, if speed is needed to be known, don't accept answers like "that's really fast" or "basically it's slow" for an answer demand figures(tps, kpbs, mHz etc.)! Same goes with size, time and other relative information. Don't let discussions escape from the point. Once you built that kind of rap, you'll always be taken seriously.


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