Now Open

As my contract's tenure with my client officially expires today, my extension papers hasn't been handed over to me yet for my approval, and my Employment Pass application is still not showing some positive signs. My services are now open to the highest bidder. :)

Job well done, as they say. The users are happy, the operations team is happy although there are some wish-lists unfulfilled(that's the reason for the extension) that are intended for the next version. At least I have imparted to the corporate development world the use of Ant, JUnit, WebWork2, Velocity, Swing, JNI, JCA, ActiveMQ, Concurrent API and other no-nonsense mini-frameworks. Little did the higher-ups realize that they are spending only on the hardware and my salary for everything that we have done(Except for those Oracle licenses) even if Postgresql is more than acceptable. Indeed, the open source gamble did paid off. Our team may also needs some time to appreciate Object-oriented stuff a lot further, since there is so little time for me to give them some blow-by-blow orientation on Design Patterns. Except those design patterns that we have routinely used in our codes. In return, I have learned something useless if I am going to consult for manufacturing or insurance industry again :))

As for the moment, I'll be focusing on my Patriot volunteer project and my other homegrown simple Java-based SMS solutions while the GSM Modem lent to me is still here.


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