The plural of doofus is doofi :))

I imagine myself in the future, Patriot has achieved 1.0 release (full cum shot, hehehe), one telco adapted it and I am a software developer for one the content providers. Developing and provisioning of my service is very simple with the following code.

/*Outbound "Text Spam", jndi properties sets the URL of the telco's
* infrastructure that Implements the SAMS SPI objects. This goes inside the
* MessageSession implementation.
Context jndiContext = new InitialContext();
//import from javax.sams.spi.*
SmsConnectionFactory smsConnFactory =
//props defined from a file.
SmsConnection smsConn = smsConnFactory.getConnection();

//end of snippet

//And this goes within the CP's application
//import from javax.sams.messaging.*
ServiceFactory serviceFactory = new ServiceFactory();
Service service = serviceFactory.getService(MessagingSession.class, "SmsProfile");
//props defined from a file.
MessagingSession session = (MessagingSession)service.openSession(props);
TextMessage txtMsg = (TextMessage)session.getMessage(TextMessage.class);
txtMsg.setText("Eat this promo dude!");
Address addr = new Address(Address.ADDRESS_TYPE_MSISDN, "249");
Address rcvr = new Address(Address.ADDRESS_TYPE_MSISDN, "09202345678");
String id = session.send(txtMsg);

What a neat way to abuse the subscribers :) Definitely, content providers will have a field day by just writing the snippet over and over again on their side. The 3GPP MM Architecture Reference has made it clear why SAMS will be as simple as this(no billing interface, SPCC etc, etc.), because SAMS usually(and should normally) resides within the VAS area.

Go Patriot!


nox said…
pareng jared,

that would be slick! today its a mix bag of sockets, http and soap...

would be fun to join the "go patriot!" bandwagon...

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