Sun Cellular vs. Smart and Globe

I was watching news awhile ago and one item is about Smart and Globe complaining against Sun Cellular's 24/7 Unlimited Call and Text for its alleged "unfair" competition. No matter how the two telcos carefully choose their words to avoid painting them as sore losers, it still shows. It only manifests that they're having a tough time competing when low-cost services and not celebrities with flashy phones always have the edge. One lousy and lame excuse I heard is that even if the[Sun Cellular's] service is cheap, the quality is so poor. What a hypocrite, anyone of the three of them who have not transgressed against the consumers for poor service, should cast the first stone, damn it!

They all have their shares of poor service and consumer abuse. What happened to the "Always-on" GPRS? What about Text-Spamming? Even voice balance inquiries are charged, delayed text messages and so much more. Their marketing could occupy an ad space for entire page in a Sunday broadsheet, sometimes in four folds! But they can't invest in additional equipments like relay sites for basement parking and other known dead spots to ensure continuous, uninterrupted conversations, which gives real value-added service to the consumer. They are less willing to initiate development of highly intelligent, context-based systems to avoid SMS spamming, they love carpet-bombing and distracting the consumers.

The bottomline is, these 3 telcos are competing in a free and open market. So complaints like the one I heard is totally absurd. Why not come up with a better product or service? This is war and casualties are inevitable. Killing competition means only two things: greed and disregard with consumers.


Warren said…
Hahahaha..this is good...SMART and GLOBE talking about unfair competition? Unfair competition my ass ^_^. Competition is good, as consumers will benefit. I hope NTC won't be that dumb and give in to these monsters. Good one SUN!!, you've hit them right on their asses. The main reason why prices of text/cell calls isn't going down is because these two are monopolizing it.

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