This guy nailed it right

I have a hell lot difficult time searching this story online after reading it from a hard copy. I salute this guy not just for his achievement in the scientific community especially in his works with optics, but his concern for developing our personal values as well. I would like to quote what he says again.

"...a strong scientific tradition in the country would develop core values that form the cornerstone of a successful scientific enterprise."

Very true. And another one.

"....honesty in presenting data, fairness wherein awards are given based on merit, collegiality wherein people can argue over scientific issues without thinking that these are personal attacks, and transparency that creeps out to the larger society."

I strongly agree, because we don't have a strong scientific tradition, guys like Mr. Dingle got an unnecessary media exposure of his water-powered internal combustion engine that is completely a hoax. Because of the presentation of dishonest data from a single individual, big potential investors and sponsors have collectively taken away their trust from our scientists and inventors that really do serious works. The values Mr. Saloma listed will also help us survive Politics-Oriented Software Development.

Being in the open source development, somehow we can fight alongside with Mr. Saloma in what he called "the trivialization of excellence and the rationalization of mediocrity".

This is one is the nail driver.

"...A society with a strong scientific tradition will have the ability to recognize scientific excellence and celebrate it appropriately without jealousy..."

No wonder our scientific tradition is still not strong as of this time.


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