Long Weekend

Good Friday is a public holiday in Singapore so it was a long weekend. First, We went to Sim Lim Square and I was able buy an MP3 player and a bluetooth headset. And finally, my old T68i has tasted a pair! I was with Warren when he bought his money-sipping rig :)) nice hardware actually. Saturday, we went swimming and tried Warren's rig with his demo-only games. And went home hitting the sack. Sunday, my itching feet wants to drag me to Funan IT Mall, so I scratched the itch, bought a couple of books. I got a Head First Design Patterns at S$69 which is S$79 at Orchard where Warren got his copy nyehehehe. I also got the O'Reilly JUnit Pocket Guide for S$16. So starting this week I will have new reading assignments. Talking about Sim Lim Square, that place is like Gilmore whereas Funan IT Mall is like The Hub on steroids. At Sim Lim Square, you get a lot of bargains from PC, digicams, XBoxes, PS2s etc. etc. But I think I am going to CarreFour next week to get my daughter a Winnie the Pooh doll.


Hi Jared,

You in the same company as Warren? Isn't it nice to have friends in a new place?

Nakapag-kita na ba kayo nina BatJay?

Jared said…
Nope, warren works in a different company.

Who's BatJay?
Batjay: hilarious blogger extraordinaire in Singapore.
Kwentong Tambay


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