Now Closed

It's a very short notice. Recently, I am open. Word has it that my Employment Pass has been approved, so I am flying out sooner. I would like to thank the people who helped made this possible, you know who you are. As they said, another classic case of Brain Drain. But don't worry I'll only be packing some ammo for a "strike back", I'll still be posting in my blogs with neat tips and tricks for everyone to see and read, I will still be contributing to the Open Source community.

I would also like to raise my dirty-finger to those who made our good places to be miserable working environment. I would like to raise my dirty finger to those abusive, manipulative, finger-banging A-holes who are not supposed to be where they are, you know who you are. And when I take off I am going to shoot my dirty finger even higher for you to see(hopefully). And when I come back every enlightened one will rally with me for a sweet victory, this I promise.

Moving forward, I would like to apologize to the people that I can no longer accommodate for their respective development gigs because I got no more time, your offer is now too small to take. The next series of days will be exciting or somewhat equally stressful, it's a new adventure.


nox said…
ey... happy trip pareng jared... employment pass... hmmnn... smells like singapore :)

keep bloggin!
Warren said…
pre pinapalamig ko na tiger beer natin...hehehe..cge kita kits!
Anonymous said…
a village somewhere in the philippines is missing their idiot.
Anonymous said…

O that's good news! I never knew you left Philippines too :)) That's great for Philippines.

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