Some good things coming up!

While reading Dondi Mapa's blog on FGD on SMITE Financing. It seems some silent prayers were answered. This is it! This is one of the first steps in creating 1,000,000 IT jobs in the Philippines. Creating the companies that will create the jobs. But this should be a well-oiled machinery, as I read comments from the post, there are those who have tried asking the government's help but were sorely frustrated. That's because the government is only used to lending money to low-tech, low-earning and degrading ventures like taho-making, nata-de-coco production, the development of new breeds of carabaos for a more "effective farming", etc. etc. Our government is not yet familiar with high-tech ventures that's why the FGD on SMITE Financing forum is a much welcome event.

Even if I don't make it to the forums, I hope many will find interest and attend, because this might the "tech gold rush" we're waiting for. And so, we must be ready to catch it when it comes. And the bottomline is, improve our quality of lives without having to step out of our soil.


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