The sun always shine on TV

I feel sorry about some young pinoy bands today. Frankly, they're canned goods. What happened to the Big Round "O"? In other words, the perfect pitch? Do these doesn't know how to tune their rigs before hitting the platform? Or more embarassingly, the sound room? These people are so young they never knew good music :)) This is the high-tech world, if you want to cut it to scene big time then stop singing like Eddie Vedder or James Hetfield or whoever clone they've spawn into. Stop thumping your bass like you only knew notes of metronomic scale. Don't try anything stupid on the guitar if you don't know what you're doing. And to the vocalist, listen to Morten Harkett, Geddy Lee to make you think a thousand times before grabbing that mic. In other words, PRACTICE HARD NOOBS!


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