Testing Rich GUI???????

How?????? I know, personality improvement books taught us that there's no such thing as stupid question. But take this. Yes, there are no such as stupid questions, only inquisitive idiots! YOU CAN'T AUTOMATE UI TESTING! UI is a very subjective aspect of any application development. How do you automate UI testing? Let's use a JUnit pattern:

//testing for the status bar located at the bottom of the window

//testing for the button at the upper left corner of the window

Ridiculuos right? Before an automated UI testing becomes successful, first an ad hoc standard should be set within an organization. How the "Look and Feel" will truly looks and feels to the user should be determined beforehand. Then templates should be developed so that "testing" the UI can be eliminated. For instance, there should be templates for "wizards", master/detail views, menu bars, status bars, tree node, table views with a consistent look and feel all throughout the application lifecycle. Di ba?


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