Interesting weekend

Perhaps you may notice that I now usually blog every week unlike before that it is almost everyday. There are some valid and invalid reasons for that. Invalid ones includes me being too tired to blog after a day at work, second, too much high-tech environment makes techie dumb(???). The valid ones are of course, this is not Philippines anymore so I have to carefully choose my words. I cannot blog some interesting stuff that I can't discern the difference between work and hobby. But this weekend at least I found some stuff to share. Enjoy!

Tidbit #1:

After the Singaporean authorities have installed street cameras at all even-numbered Lorongs(not including where I live!) along Geylang Rd., By the way, Geylang is like Mabini or Ermita in Manila or Olongapo in Subic during the days of the G.I.s. But I lived at the more "decent" end of Geylang that is near Grandlink Square. Going back to the camera story, the places where "fishes" abounds have deserted those camera-enabled streets, ordinary people don't want to be in those streets for fear that their spouses might misunderstood them. So last night from our window, we saw some group of "fishes" waiting for "fishermen". Now, they're wheeling and dealing right in front of our gate!!! Thanks to those cameras :))

Tidbit #2

I was sleeping last night when I was interrupted by an SMS alert. I ignored it and proceeded to sleep. Upon waking up this morning, it's Warren, I thought he wants to drop by and check out the "fishes" :)) but the message is about Patriot being on the top of the front page of the Woooohooo! we're celebrities! So I checked the website captured a screenshot. No wonder I am receiving some request-for-observer mails. Nice thing about it, only Nokia is the primary competitor in that area.

Tidbit #3

Solaris 8 sucks, I can't believe 5 years ago a lot of people has been goofed to buying this stuff. Five years ago, Linux has already got some neat features that will put Solaris out of shame. That's it.


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