The pilots of Bus #7

When you're braindead, what can you think of? Of course nothing. Because you're braindead. So tonight I'll be attempting to jumpstart my brain by starting to blog about not-so-tech stuff and when I got into the more technical subject that's when I am going to stop writing this post.

Let's talk about the pilots of Bus #7, I will not call them drivers because that's too degrading for the way they handle their babies. These pilots got an interesting route from Orchard to Bedok Interchange. Every morning, I board at one of this jets at Guillemard and I will alight at Technopark@ChaiChee because that's where I work. Going home is almost the same thing. By Philippine standards I think these pilots' rigs are cool, with high-tech ticketing system and automatic fare updating via proximity cards, two flat screen TVs for a single decker and four on a double-decker. From full stop everything is fine, but when you started to roll, that's a different story hehehe. I guess these pilots knows only two kinds of traffic lights; green and red. Green means slamming the gas and Red means slamming the brakes. The effect of that would be simple especially if you're sitting in a seat with a tight leg room, but If you're standing and worse, when you're going down the stairwell in a double-decker get ready to roll with your ez-link card in hand because uncle will going to eject you on the next bus stop. Another thing, since those buses are normally on an automatic transmission it contributes to the "roughness" of ride because the heavier the vehicle, the sluggish the shifting gets. Heavy vehicles that has automatic transmission usually has crews wearing a helmet, jumpsuit and a sidearm. Unlike in the Philippines where drivers got only manual transmission and smooth rides depends on his "muscle control" so the younger the driver the rougher the ride :))

Of Mouthwash and Fishes

The other night I ran out of mouthwash and I need to buy one but the rain is quite heavy, I ask my housemates where would be the nearest convenience store aside from 7-11 or Esso's. They told me to walk the direction to City Plaza from Geylang and I might find some good stores along the way. I waited for the rain to stop and went outside, I thought going to City Plaza direction is boring idea. So I took a westward route going to Aljunied, and yeah baby all the interesting stuff are there! I only need to buy a mouthwash so why not get some free eye-catchers. And lo and behold it's like "Nicoles" and "Gwen Garcis" have been instantiated from an ObjectFactory!! Woohoo! Even if it is the longer route than the suggested one it was never boring :))

The Cash Converter

This is the manisfestation of the saying "You're garbage might be someone's treasure". I went to lunch at Burger King in Bedok and after me and my officemates walk around the community and I saw this shop called "Cash Converter", They buy your unwanted stuff in cash instantly! Nice business idea. So if you have a unused stuff at home and want to earn Singapore dollars. Bring it here yourself.

Dropline Gnome 2.10

Finally I got to download DLG iso, my Slackware installers are now complete. My Slackware will not be complete with DLG as the primary Desktop Management, nothing could be better.

Pitching the Visual Studio .Net to the Eclipse Community

I am planning to have my own version of tomatometer but this not something like Rotten Tomatoes. This is more wicked, 1 tick on my tomatometer means 10 tomatoes to be thrown at whatever(whoever) stupid or silly stuff that I might encounter in the near future. For example, pitching the virtues of VS.Net to Eclipse Community...Uhm...I think I will turnover 1 tick of tomatometer to every Eclipse user for that and let him/her decide how much tomatometer should be put up.

Ok, I am good, bye.


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