After waiting for one week to get my free Linksys Wireless-G router and a Wireless-G USB Adapter from the StarHub promo, I finally got to install it and I am now using my own WiFi. No more freeloading from my neighbors'(thanks a lot!) this one is my very own Unlimited Broadband Wireless Internet. I can now blog from the privacy of my room, my toilet, wherever within 500 meters. Although, I don't really need the USB Wireless-G Adapter for now, but in the future when I buy my own PC it will be very useful. When I get back to Philippines for vacation, I am going to install one at home too. Sorry, but some hackers can't freeload from me, I just enabled MAC address filtering so only my laptop and my USB Wireless Adapter is visible to my router.

Working at home will be more interesting.


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