Technodrowning weekend

My whole Saturday afternoon was spent at Funan IT mall, because it's XBox-Blue-Limited-with-Free-Halo2 sale(all for S$329) weekend. So I got to try a lot of games on every available kiosk out there. And I found a favorite, Full Spectrum Warrior. Not your typical FPS game, but I didn't get my own yet. Probably end of this month.

Instead, I went to The Computer Book Centre. Sat on the floor in front of the Software Engineering Section read books summarily making quick judgements between craps and gems and I did found a winner: "Writing Better Requirements". I am too lazy to write ISBN, just comment or mail me for that if interested. The book is simple and straightforward, it intends to help avoid developers and users go into unnecessary miscommunications, best thing is, the book breaks down the causes of software project failures and tabulates the percentage of damage each cause contribute to the overall failure. Of course, writing poor requirements is the root of all evil in every software development projects. Another gem I found is the "J2EE Connector Architecture and Enterprise Application Integration", the only J2EE book that is very specific on its subject and one of its intended audience are from the ISVs, this book is not your typical J2EE book that focuses on a lot of bullcrap. It discusses about the blood and life of every J2EE container and its hosted applications, its low-level intricacies, because it will not be named "Connector" for nothing. Most likely, this book has been collecting dust in the Java Section, and the store's top selling book last week is "Head First Design Patterns". Probably, the two books I've mentioned might draw attention this week. Hey, they should give complimentary copies for that!


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