Blog Recall

I don't want to remove my blog on BEA and Eclipse, but I would like to take back some few words. Still, Velocity or Tapestry and WebWork2 are STILL the way to go. Luckily, when you're grown and cultured with some seriously good tools, it's hard to let go. Especially when people are still thanking you and new guys that replaced you praising for your job well done using those tools. It's freakingly easy to maintain.

I thought the Pollinate/Beehive thing is a coming-to-reality or accepting-the-defeat transition. This is just an insidious ploy to lock-in developers and users deeper. I want to puke. So ok I want to drill down on few things to watch out for:

Struts Sucks - it's playing a catch-up game with Webwork2 nowadays making its API obnoxiously inelegant.

BEA Weblogic Workshop Sucks - It's just a snake shedding old skin.

JBoss Sucks - bigtime

Hibernate Sucks - Double bigtime

JSP Sucks - Come on guys grow up


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