Long Weekend (Vesak Day)

I hope it's longer :)), but really, long weekend is relaxing and fun, and when you're having it, time does fly.

So I started the long weekend last Friday at Crazy Elephant at Clark Quay. Clark Quay is more like Greenbelt 3, Libis, The Fort etc. etc. all put together along the river side. Warren and I got our dose of a local band's Blues renditions from Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and so forth. The Blues crowd in Singapore really dances to the blues! Which I haven't seen in the Philippines where you only see bobbing heads and tapping shoes.

Afterwards we went to Jazz@Southbridge, this one is just located across the river at Boat Quay. It's past 1 am hoping to catch up the last gig, and lo! When I got inside I thought the music was only being piped out from a CD player hidden some place else because I haven't seen a band playing. After a taking few more steps further inside, I saw the source of Sound, the Altar of Jazz, YES it's jazz, raw and alive with David Gomes, Fabian Lim, Eddie Jansen and Tan Boon Gee. Blues and Jazz, people, are real "serious" stuff, notwithstanding, Classical as well. Children with musical inclination, usually with these types of genre, can tackle mathematical problems with little effort than others. This is called by some experts as interplay between music and math. I think it's a kinda true, some hardcore techie that I know have this kind of interplay. Solutions to tech problems just flows out of them seamlessly. So get your kids into the program!

And I got home at wee hours of the morning, thanks to my Visa Electron, I am practically cashless all through the night. And I used it even to pay for my taxi to home.

Saturday, nothing much just slept all day. Sunday, finally I am going to consumate my Star Wars booking at Eng Wah Cinema Suntec. Almost all is great, 2K digital experience whatever that means but honestly, no pun intended, those chinese subtitles should be smaller as they are really distracting or better yet; don't put it all since most Singaporeans who were born between 1960 and the first showing of Episode VI (Return of Jedi) around '83 can understand English at least. Just have those subtitles on DVDs instead.

And Monday, just walked around shooting with my K700i, I should have waited for the Treo 650 on Septemper. But I just realized that I don't want to add work on my pocket, since it's already in my bedroom as well. And it's not an extension of my manhood :))


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