They know the future and they are very, very afraid

"Fear of Loss is the path to the Dark Side" -Yoda

And from the looks of it they are losing. Project Grasshopper is a Mono-based plugin for Visual Studio .Net to help sissy developers write applications for Linux and even J2EE! Would you believe that? Why? What's the value of Linux and J2EE and even the Open Source in general these days? I think it's relatively huge, and it's natural for the Dark Side to feel the Fear of Loss. What happened to Microsoft's JUMP(Java Users Migration Path)? I've heard this JUMP when I was at Microsoft Business Solutions before, but it seems things are not happening as expected. Of course, the great excuse for this is M$ still wants to get a large piece of the server-side pie which makes more money than his desktop craps these days. Imagine, Linux desktops are getting closer and closer to Windows in terms of user-friendliness and functionality. By the way there's a Linux version of the America's Army, which means in the near future the game developers will providing different OS versions of their games. Since mostly, games are just one of the few survival cards Windows is holding these days. Take that away and we'll live happily ever after.

So why not just let .Net deliberately drive Windows to the dead end and save more money? And someone predicted that Microsoft will be reduced to just a plugin/utility company someday and maybe it starts now.


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