BEA is going Open Source

There's no actual press release link for this article. But most likely, it's not surprising if it's true. My question this time is, who will beat Open Source? Sooner high-level applications(read: ERPs) will be chipped away and be cast to this lions' den called Open Source.

But going back to BEA's open source vision. It will be supporting Spring, Beehive, Struts and JSF. Currently, it uses Avalon. This also means good bye to Workshop, Portal Frameworks and the other shitty stuff BEA is piling itself into. Because definitely, their new Portal Framework has to comply with JSR-168 which means their old customers will not need to upgrade or pretend to upgrade but will definitely require some substantial amount of re-architecturing if they still want BEA to fool them.

At least BEA now understands what the developer and users needs. What is needed are simpler frameworks from security to application management. But this has to be a 360-degree improvement not just some bell-ringers. In other words, it has to be LIGHT and FAST. Again, LIGHT and FAST!

All in all, this is more like a distress call from a sinking ship.


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