GlassFish! Nice toy!

Ok, I have been a SJSAS(Sun Java System Application Server) fan since 8.0 simply because it gives me great, compelling results. It has even made some of my deployed projects a legend. Level learning curves, complete documentations, free for production deployment. You'll only need to pay for technical support if you want to. But the docs are great enough(even pseudo-techies understands it manz!). Until now, It still runs in my brains how messy, disorganized and how fucking incomplete BEA's docs . As I see it, the only downside to Sun on this game is really marketing.

Now, here's GlassFish, the SJSAS PE(Platform Edition) 9.0 as it is otherwise known, is nasty for a lot of reasons, Migs has mentioned its use of the Derby embedded database(hey, why not BerkeleyDB?). And of course it's CMP uses JDO! I don't know why they didn't choose Hibernate, but for me, the reasons are so obvious. Well, I have to build my own copy.


Migs said…
They can't use Berkeley DB, they need a relational database.
Alexis MP said…
Sun posted a SPECjAppServer benchmark result with mysql. See

As for the persistence part (now the new EJB 3), Glassfish will use TopLink (see

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