It's 12-3 for JDO 2.0

I want to laugh my heart out. Sun voted yes, suprisingly, Macromedia yes. JDO 2.0 is a Java Standard whether EJB fucktards like it or not. In fact, EJB has time and again proven its inferiority to JDO, and EJB 3.0(???). Hey! who needs EJB 3.0? Of course, still the EJB fucktards, who else?

I think JDO's time has come. No more political wranglings, no more vendors penis-fencing. This is it. The guys behind the JSR-220, this spec is so girlish, you know why? It needs help and it needs fixing. I guess I can now spend sometime to download JPOX and start making some real business-value stuff with it.

To the IT Manager, sorry I can put in my comments to TSS, it's too many now. I think the support for JDO has been very overwhelming. So EJB guys, don't push it. Join the club.


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