To Mobicents, hooah!

An Open source VoIP Middleware, coolness! If brick-and-mortar telcos don't adapt and change this time, for sure they will die. The beauty and the beast of Open Source has it again. Mobicents is based on the JAIN/SLEE specifications. These specifications just like Jini/JavaSpaces are not under the J2EE umbrella, another coolness. But I wonder what JBoss has to do with this, get some brownie points?

Hopefully, The Patriot will get a booth at JavaOne 2006 ;). What we need now are cool sponsors(Starhub or SingTel?) to pass the TCK for the JCA part.


Migs said…
Not under the J2EE specs, yes... but heavily influenced. Why a JBoss implementation? Because the service components are similar to and thus delegate to EJB. :)
Ivelin said…
Mobicents does not depend on EJB. Something like that would defeat the purpose of a SLEE implementation.
Here is more info on JBoss dependencies.

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