Building The Empire: Smaller Steps

Four months of no Linux here in Singapore and I am starting to get some sort of a withdrawal syndrome of a heroine junkie. It's really hard not to work with Linux, missing the CLI, means doing stuff the harder way of point-drag-click dance, where you could accomplish 1-3 steps with one press of the "Enter" button.

Incidentally, My eyes happens to tripped on one of the decent idle boxes in our office. It's a Dell Dimension 4300S with just 256MB RAM(for now), good enough as my second development box. Put up a Slackware 10.1 on it, install Glassfish on it. And behold, I was amazed at the startup speed. I don't how many times, but it's really, really much faster than BEA Weblogic 8.1 running on a SparcServer (Solaris 8) with 512MB of RAM which is, by the way, one of my toys that I want to get rid off pretty soon from the office.

So Slackware 10.1, Welcome to Singapore.


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