Building The Empire

I as We, declare this day the start of Building The Empire. This island is white and ripe. Get your ploughs, your shovels and your picks. Take that corner and this corner and I will take mine. It's harvest time. Every minute and every second counts. We will liberate this city from proprietary madness, from fear, uncertainty and deceit. From the handshakes to the sealing of contracts there will be no turning back. Everything counts in large amounts. We have the spoils anyone can't refuse. Our technology is no secret, our weapons-of-choice has been laid out. Our battlefield is open, open to those who are ready to fight. We will change the rule of the game. It will fit like water to our pipes. And this will be everyone's unwritten business law: "Adapt or die".

Say "Open Source is not for us", we say "Adapt or die". Say "The old ways works with us", we say "Adapt or die". Say, "This is what they taught in school", we say "Adapt or die". Adapt and we will support. Oppose and we'll bring the game to the next level. Until submission is achieved. Or else, competition is dead before it even started. Such is an art of war.

Let's Build The Empire. It's for everyone. It's extensible, replicable, "commoditizable". It's not unique. Not even a monopoly. What differs from one to another is the value they bring to the battlefield. Not the technology or the strategy they choose adapt. The days of the proprietary software are numbered. Let's Build The Empire and start counting.

Join us and together we'll rule this part of the galaxy.


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