The FUD that is called "Get the Facts"

After watching "War of the Worlds" at Suntec City last night, on the way home, I glanced upon the large LCD screen running an animation with a familiar mascot known to the Linux community as Tux. I watched the commercial carefully and smirked with impish grin. It was Microsoft's "getthefacts" TV commercial, so silly. It's pitiful that it seems only Singapore is the place they know how to scare people because I don't think they will spend much money for such things to be aired in the Philippines and some GNU/Linux/FOSS-very-aware countries including the European and Latin American states, It's going to be a waste of time and money. I can't take a shot at it because too much glare is coming out of my pictures.

But if you'll notice, M$ is gradually shifting its focus from the OS to the gaming console. Because it's payback time for Steve Jobs, the Mac-on-Intel is not a deadly shot for IBM's PowerPC. It's a deadly shot for Windows. Look at the setbacks they are facing now, For one IE7 can't get tabbed-browsing(hey muggles, do you know what tabbed-browsing is?) to work properly. They are practically spreading thinly everywhere.


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