Get it while it's still hot

Move it! Move it! I am yelling about the rejection of the EU Software Patent directive, it seems that it's now close to being killed soon. The software patent directive can enable anyone to patent every stupid program known to man. True that you can patent compression algorithms but you can't patent payment transaction algorithms alright! Put it as this, I can patent an invention for example is a self-purifying, disinfecting, irreplaceable water-pipe. But no one can patent a plumbing system that is made out of that pipe! This is known as functional device. Functional devices are non-patentable.

This is very good(feichang hao) for open source. It promotes mass innovation aside from other promises. But to appreciate or take advantage of open source in its truest sense one must understand each and every license that is approved as open source. There is no such thing as "GPL and anything else". Go and tell that to court. That will be my next blog material.


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